Seven Step Strategy – Step Two

Seven Step Strategy – Step Two

Bristol Temple Quarter Breakfast

Last week I again attended the Temple Quarter ‘Strategy’ breakfast to listen to Joseph Mevlanna Pritchard from Zetetic Mind presenting Step 2 of his seven step strategy plan.  After his talk there was an interesting general discussion.  Zetetic’s Seven Step Strategy model is the result of over 40 years in trade, so it’s practical and proven.

We looked at strategy through the exclusive lens of the big picture. Specifically, the conversation considered know-how based value propositions in a Digital and Artificial Intelligence age.

As professional service providers, for example – represented at the meeting by trainers, business developers, managing consultants, and health practitioners – how do digital and artificial intelligence developments affect your business strategies and the value your customers and clients receive?

The dialogue pointed to some things that might seem obvious – such as time and labour savings. But it also threw some other words out of the shadows – for example an articulation of value using words like subtlety and intuition.

One of Joseph’s earliest memories of business school is the packaging of thought – and intuition might be next, (In fact, it’s almost certain!)

So far, the meetings have covered step 1 – start with your heart; and now step 2 – the influence of the big picture.

In January it will look at the forces of power in industry – information of a different logical type to the big picture because it’s about ones individual industry – and how they affect the strategy and the value that is created.

Details of the next meeting can be obtained from Elizabeth Pritchard on

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