Telemarketing is a proven and effective method of finding prospects and can play a vital part in the development of every company when used correctly. JH’s telemarketing services create GDPR researched prospective contacts using experienced, mature, telephone operators. .

TelemarketingB2B Telemarketing

There is a difference between business to business telemarketing and telesales.  Whereas a telesales assistant may call hundreds of numbers every day, very few of these will result in sales.  Telemarketing between businesses is a complex process that requires a professional telephone manner, flexibility in conversation (not just read from a script), and the ability to call decision makers at all levels while establishing a level of credibility and trust.

Integrated Telemarketing

Our team of telemarketers has the experience required to integrate telemarketing into the broader sales plan for your company. We are compliant with all current legislation and fully aware of the constraints of GDPR.

We try not to cold-call customers, usually having strategically sent out a letter, press release, advertisement, or some other marketing material prior to the first contact call. Our integrated telemarketing programme can develop lead generation, seek growth in the marketplace, and it will maximise ROI.

Prior to embarking on a telemarketing campaign, JH will gather all information necessary and make checks to ensure data is correct and up to date. This data enhancement process is one of the services we include within our telemarketing packages which include:

  • Appointment setting
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Multi-lingual agents
  • Pipeline management
  • Event recruitment
  • Market research
  • Inbound call handling
  • IT services
  • Database services including creation and management

An example of our bespoke telemarketing package for your business might start with the design and development of your sales brochure. From here we would move on to issue personal letters, emails, press releases or send out direct marketing materials. Once these stages are complete, we then go on to make the crucial telemarketing calls and sales appointments, always ensuring a follow-up to secure sales. Lastly, our after-sales support will include testimonials for your websites, further press releases, etc.