Social Media

Social media marketing strategies open up a whole new portal to help businesses connect with potential customers.  It also also helps improve website rankings, drawing in new customers via the website.

Social Media Packages for all Budgets

It is a necessity to have an on-line presence to grow alongside the business so we offer bespoke social media packages to fit needs and budgets. 

If you allow JH to handle the SM then time will be freed up to spend on other areas of the business.  Our team recommend what to post, blog and tweet – and just how and when to use each tactic for max results.  Importantly, we get the posts and blogs written for you and presented for approval prios to publication.

As well as blogging and posting, we make sure social media pages are linked around the web to niche websites, articles and other pages that potential customers will be visiting.  The more links pointing back to the website, the more prolific web-pages will be. To increase links, rankings, and potential to excel in the world of on-line business, please talk to us about the campaign. 

Social Media