Personal Letter Campaigns

When did you last get a hand-written and personally addressed business letter? If you received one today, would you open it out of curiosity? Campaigns using Email, Direct Mail, Telesales and Social Media have their place – but to get noticed, there is nothing like sending out personal letters.

Hand-written Envelopes

A hand-written envelope addressed to a senior executive will get past gatekeepers.  On one JH campaign in 2019, follow-up calls found that 82% of the targeted contacts acknowledged receipt of the letter and attached business card.

opening letter
Personal Letters

Hand Write the Name

So consider a direct, personal, short letter  to be used as an effective way to bring the company to the attention of prospects.  The letters are sent with a business card attached and have the ‘Dear XXXX’ and ‘Yours sincerely YYYY’ hand written.  The letters need to be on quality paper with the envelopes hand written and sent with a 1st class stamp.

letter responses

Great Responses

Recent projects of this type have consistently yielded high responses from the recipient. JH are happy to help draft suitable concise letters – a maximum of three two-line paragraphs including a call to action and a notification that a follow-up telephone call is to be expected shortly. We control the project ensuring that the follow-up calls and call-backs are made within 48 hours. Give it a try – call us today!