Sales and Marketing Consultancy

Our sales and marketing consultancy services are currently being used by clients in Bristol, where we are based, in the South West and across the UK.

With decades of expertise in the fields of sales and marketing, we take a deep look into a company to see what opportunities are present that can lead to bigger and better things. Johnston Horsburgh bring expertise to boardroom tables to build bigger and more profitable relationships between company and customers.

JH work hard to ensure that the business moves in the right direction. Our sales and marketing programmes are strategic and we take time to examine the multiple demographic segments of your (niche) market to ensure good ROI. We use brand strategy, sales optimisation, customer segmentation, product portfolio, and other channelling strategies to enhance our client’s company.

The importance of research and fact-based support to drive a business forward is understood. Quantitative information and the ability to pinpoint new and exciting opportunities as they arise are just two areas to be used. We also strengthen brand performance through evaluation, identifying new channels, assessing strengths and weaknesses, and evaluating the purchase behaviour of clients.

Introducing various media into the market mix is just one concept that is explored when searching for a strategy suitable to the product portfolio.

Sales and Marketing Consultancy