Is telemarketing the thing of the past?

Is telemarketing the thing of the past?

That’s what most people seem to think.  The biggest obstacle facing telemarketing nowadays is that people don’t really like to answer their phones.  Emails and texts are considered the best way to contact people as it takes up less time and is less intrusive.

Whilst most marketers think this is an ever-growing obstacle, we see this as a great opportunity.  Sadly, the pandemic has pushed even more businesses to concentrate on online marketing.  But what if we told you there was a different way to set yourself ahead of the crowd?  Don’t just hope that your prospects are going to find you by clicking your Google ad or your social media page.

Yes, you guessed… the answer is telemarketing.   Go out and find them and talk to them.  Be engaging.  Talking is still more personal than any online activity you can think of.

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