Damn Gatekeepers – and how to get past them

Damn Gatekeepers – and how to get past them

A good number of Receptionists and Operators believe that they run their company and are acting in the best interests of the business and their employers by not passing on cold (or warm) calls.  This makes the life of your telemarketers difficult to say the least.

To get round this situation these are two methods worth trying:

Call outside normal working hours. Executive will often take calls between 8.00 and 8.30 when Reception opens. Likewise try 5.30 – 6.30 in the evenings.  Even if ‘Security’ answer, they will often put you through to your target.

Secondly, write a letter to the prospect with a handwritten envelope and a first-class stamp. Few PAs will open such a personal letter and it is usually placed of the desk for the recipient to open.  The additional benefit is that few people correspond by letter in 2021 so your missive has a degree of uniqueness.

For other idea for getting in front of your target, contact Alasdair Johnston on 07876 408 047 or aj@JohnstonHorsburgh.co.ukHe’s not afraid to take you call!

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