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Seven Step Strategy

Last week, we attended the monthly meeting of the Bristol Temple Quarter Breakfast, led by Joseph Mevlanna Pritchard, Lead Partner of Zetetic Pioneering Strategies. ( The discussion was the first in a programme on aspects of strategy and strategic thinking.  In fact there are seven broad areas to be considered when individuals place their bets […]

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Fresh Website Update

Fresh Website Update. Keeping a website up-to-date is the key to keeping a business shop-front engaging for both new & returning visitors. After a regular review, we felt it was time to give our own site a refresh and add some new content. One of our partners, ESC IT Support, provided an external opinion on […]

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Take a letter Miss Jones……

During the summer, JH were approached by a London client who had just run an email campaign that had fallen completely flat. The client had tried to reach out to senior education establishments in the South West and had fired out hundreds of emails to everyone they could find and the response had been terrible. […]

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Keep meetings brief

Last month, I visited a company for a meeting which was held in their Board Room.   On the wall were two digital clocks, one showing the time and the other in reverse stop-watch mode.  Curious, I asked the purpose of the second one. This company has three meeting rules.   The first is that all meetings […]

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A great way to combat Voice Mail (VM)

  A great way to combat Voice Mail (VM) October 2017 I telephoned the Chairman of a London-based company, expecting to have to deal with one or two gatekeepers.  To my surprise, I was put straight through.  After our conversation, I asked how this unusual direct approach to get to talk had been allowed to […]

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profit generating website

Website Revamp

Welcome to our brand new website! After a ‘good innings’ and lots of success stories in its wake, it was time to say ‘adieu’ to the old website and launch a brand new sales-generating website. We took the very latest website technology and carefully researched what our potential clients were typing into the search engines […]

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