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Metcloud and Met

MET, based in Birmingham are one of the UK’s leading providers of cyber security. They engaged Johnston Horsburgh to help with an approach to large corporates and professional companies. This project is on-going.

Lamington / Room 2

Lamington are a serviced apartment provider in Hammersmith and the West London area. In early 2018, they are opening 71 new apartments under their Room2 brand in Southampton. Johnston Horsburgh are retained to research the major corporates and cruise lines in that city, identify the accommodation bookers and generally help sell the new product.


Creation are an award winning brand agency who produce exciting videos and websites, with particular success with modern and fine art galleries. JH are assisting in identifying suitable galleries, their owners and the individual artists to help promote the idea of videos being a major arm to selling high class art.

Shell TapUp was founded four years ago to create a flexible, digital structure for fuel delivery, The company supplies fuel to commercial customers on-site when their fleet stands still. This saves their customers time, money and reduces the carbon footprint.  In recent years the concept has been rolled out in the Netherlands, USA and UK.

SHell TapUp

Shell Tap Up

Ingester Marketing Services

Johnston Horsburgh have a reciprocal arrangement with Ingester in that JH are used for research, email and other social media campaigns and JH uses Ingester for telemarketing, direct mail follow-up, customer surveys and data cleansing.

The Working Breakfast

Working Breakfast provides members with a business network where they enjoy help and support. The members offer business advice to each other and visitors, proving their expertise – and demonstrating their expertise, trust and credibility.

The network promotes relationships which often leads to enduring friendships and long-term business cooperation. Once these friends understand your business, they recommend you to people they know, who may be interested in the services and products on offer.

ESC IT Support

ESC IT provide technology solutions to businesses from website design through to PC & Mac IT support for Bristol and the surrounding areas. Johnston Horsburgh have a working relationship with ESC IT for all their technology and web requirements.