Lead Generation

Lead generation is the most important service we offer to our customers.

Lead GenerationIt is impossible to create sales without new leads, but generating leads is far more complex than simply procuring a call-list of potential clients. JH use a systematic approach to lead generation that is thorough and complex. If you need new data, we have what it takes to really make a change to your company’s data.

Our Business-To-Business (B2B) lead generation services include brand awareness, the use of technologies to provide varied ways to target clients, and the use of personalised messages for both existing as well as potential prospects.   Successful generation requires the identification of interest, opportunities and the ongoing management that will maximise sales pipelines.

Our lead generation team can research, supply (procure), refine your data lists and manage your databases. Then we use telemarketing and direct mail techniques to address your customers.   We integrate digital lead strategies using inbound and outbound lead qualification, SMS, email campaigns, and telemarketing recording. Our mature team is professional in their telephone manner and we have the experience necessary to successfully generate leads from cold calling as well as more finely crafted B2B telemarketing.

As part of our lead generation, we conduct surveys, utilise our relationship management skills, and take on the role of appointment setting.  JH can also provide these services by training your staff & sales team. JH confidently provide a decent and acceptable standard of lead generation.

Contact us today for impartial advice or a preliminary consultation, and to draw up a plan of action that will create new leads for your company.