Business Development

Without a Business Development plan to move it forward, any company will struggle to reach its potential.

Business Development BristolFor an organisation to succeed, it needs a business plan and a  development structure that will continually improve performance. JH helps maximise ROI and improve performance and the experience of our BD team will contribute to key areas of market improvement.  Based in Bristol, we operate both in the South West and across the UK.

Our BD services have shown increased sales, improved performance and increased profits.  Unless a company continuous to push the envelope and keep a regular focus on set goals, the business will not develop as it might.

We provide BD for corporates, the professions,  the SME sector as well as working with selected start-ups.  We enjoy what we do, working to implement and quantify strategies.  JH also offer sales coaching in marketing and development strategies.

Businesses can never stay static as each year customers will drop off databases.  Hence a sensible strategy must be in place to secure new and better prospects.

Our BD expert assistance is a service that allows us to communicate with both company and customers.  We identify and allocate personnel, calculate financial resources, monitor and evaluate progress, and identify strengths and weaknesses – as well as opportunities and threats.  Our services have gained their good reputation through years of enjoyable hard work.