Other Services

Our services center on the Business Development sector of the sales and Marketing function. Between telemarketing at one end and social media at the other, we cover the bit in the middle – market identification & market research, pinpointing key companies, finding Decision Makers, making approaches & appointments and finally, setting-up and attending meetings.

Enquiries are considered from corporates, charities, the professions and start-ups. Our prime experience is in Facilities Management, Hospitality, full-service Agencies, Audio Visual, IT and Superyachts. We undertake short-term assignments or medium-term projects. Longer term assignments are also delivered as we currently fulfil the role of BD Manager with some companies on a part-time retainer basis. Costs. Where initial programme scoping plans are required, then there are usually produced free of charge. Fees are variable and all charges, rates and payment plans are agreed before work commences.

Our experienced team can also call upon other experts if a specialist function is required such as project social media or video production. However, if on enquiry, the fit is not ideal, we say so immediately.

For greater detail on any of these topics, see the Contact page or call 07876498047 or 0117 966 9654.