Keep meetings brief

Last month, I visited a company for a meeting which was held in their Board Room.   On the wall were two digital clocks, one showing the time and the other in reverse stop-watch mode.  Curious, I asked the purpose of the second one. This company has three meeting rules.   The first is that all meetings […]

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A great way to combat Voice Mail (VM)

  A great way to combat Voice Mail (VM) October 2017 I telephoned the Chairman of a London-based company, expecting to have to deal with one or two gatekeepers.  To my surprise, I was put straight through.  After our conversation, I asked how this unusual direct approach to get to talk had been allowed to […]

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profit generating website

Website Revamp

Welcome to our brand new website! After a ‘good innings’ and lots of success stories in its wake, it was time to say ‘adieu’ to the old website and launch a brand new sales-generating website. We took the very latest website technology and carefully researched what our potential clients were typing into the search engines […]

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