Alasdair Johnston

Alasdair Johnston – Director 
email: aj@johnstonhorsburgh.co.uk
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What’s in a name?

The original firm of Johnston Horsburgh (JH) was set up between the wars by William Johnston and his cousin William Horsburgh – and for many years was a notably successful company in the paper industry.   The family name has been revived, this time operating in Business Development and again, JH has become a success story – this time helping clients research and approach new customers.

An extra pair of hands

We support companies of all sizes in UK and international markets – providing additional manpower and expertise to get projects moving.  JH is the ‘extra pair of hands’ that saves employing new staff.

We work cross-sector and our experience is particularly relevant in Hospitality, IT & Cyber Security, Travel, Team Building & Staff Retention and interestingly, Super Yachts.