Alasdair Johnston

Alasdair Johnston – Director 
email: aj@johnstonhorsburgh.co.uk
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What’s in a name?

The original firm of Johnston Horsburgh (JH) was set up between the wars by William Johnston and his cousin William Horsburgh – and for many years was a well-known and successful company in the paper industry. A while ago, the family and others, revived the name to operate in pure Business Development and again JH is forging a similar success story – this time helping clients find and approach new customers.

An extra pair of hands

We support medium sized companies locally, nationally and internationally wherever our clients need a degree of assistance to develop areas of their market base.  JH provides the additional manpower and expertise required to get these projects going.  We are the ‘extra pair of hands’ that saves employing new staff.
Work in most markets is considered and the team’s experience is particularly relevant in Hospitality (serviced apartments), IT & Cyber Security, Brand Management, Financial and interestingly, Super Yachts.