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    business development

    Make time to work on your business and not just in it

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    market analysis

    Discover where your customers are and how to reach them

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“All companies need to keep analysing their markets and clients.   Without new sales, you won’t have a company for long”

John Parker







An Extra Pair of Hands

We offer Business Development services to large and niche companies, the professions and promising start-ups and free up time to let our customers get on with running their businesses.  We formulate aspects of sales and market planning such as:

  • Exploring and expanding existing or new markets
  • Identifying suitable companies to approach
  • Finding qualified contacts (DMs) and making the first approach
  • Setting appointments

Brexit uncertainty has resulted in many organisations investigating contingency markets in case their traditional sectors run into difficulty.  JH is helping with this sudden flurry of activity and can assist other companies with practical back-up planning.

The Latest Two Happy Clients

Johnston Horsburgh were commissioned to research and update lists of old accounts and previous enquiries. They then called the companies on our behalf. This exercise took place over several weeks and resulted in reviving a number of dormant customers, one of which is now turning in to one of our best clients. A useful exercise well handled.
Antony Tucker, Sales Manager, Whitehall Printing www.whitehallprinting.co.uk

Owl and Bear were in the happy position of being extremely busy and so some additional research work was passed to Johnston Horsburgh. They took on the commission and quickly returned the results – so happiness all round.
Clare Dawe, Founder of Owl & Bear www.owlandbear.co