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    business development

    Make time to work on your business and not just in it

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    market analysis

    Discover where your customers are and how to reach them

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“All companies need to keep analysing their markets and clients.   Without new sales, you won’t have a company for long”

John Parker







Your New Vision – Delivered on a Plate

JH takes the sting out of finding new business.  Our service covers research, social media, email campaigns and telemarketing.  Companies outsource part or all of the initial hard graft to us – and in return, we deliver qualified leads and appointments.

The aim is face-to-face meetings with Decision Makers (DMs).   Then we either hand over to the client’s own sales team, or attend the first meeting to verify the lead.   JH goes as far into the marketing and sales process as required.

We either work for companies who don’t have a Business Development team, or for larger companies looking for help with a specific project.

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An Extra Pair of Hands

We work with both large and niche companies, as well as the professions, SMEs and promising start-ups on a day-to-day or project basis freeing up time to let the client get on with running their business.  We formulate aspects of strategic sales and market planning such as:

  • Exploring existing or new markets
  • Identifying suitable companies to approach
  • Finding qualified contacts (DMs)
  • Making the first approach
  • Setting appointments


Business Showcase South West
Great show and many visitors at our stand

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